At Cedar Valley Counseling Services, we understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to mental health. Each need is unique to that person, relationship, family or group. Our goal is to provide the knowledge, skills, education and, most importantly, the support you need.

How can counseling benefit me?

Utilizing the support and structure of professional counseling can help you cope during difficult times.

When you schedule an appointment with us our hope is to place you with the counselor

that best fits your situation. We realize there is more than one way to approach an issue and

we try to find the the most effective and efficient way to meet your needs.

To help you prepare for your first appointment, refer to our About page to get to know our counselors or call the office and speak with our office staff about finding a good fit. 

Individual Counseling

Seeking individual counseling is a positive step to take during a particularly stressful period of life; you may be experiencing symptoms of anxiety and/or depression from life challenges or you may be experiencing work-related stress that is leading to an unhealthy life-style. General worrying and overthinking is another common challenge we can help you address and manage as part of your day to day lifestyle. 

Individual therapy appointments are available for pre-teens (11-13), teens/adolescents and adults. 

Couples and Family Counseling

Like individual counseling, couples or families can utilize the support of a counselor to help navigate relationship stressors, improve communication and receive relationship or parenting support. We work with each committed couple or family member as a unit to address and manage your unique dynamic.

Business and Group Workshops

The mental health of employees is vital to a business' success. We provide a wide array

of services, from seminars and team building programs to staff development and team

building activities to help keep your employees happy, motivated and productive.

Do you have a large group that needs motivated, inspired, educated or all of the above?

Our mental health professionals have developed multiple programs that can be adapted

to fit your organization's needs. We're happy to work with you to find a solution to your needs.

Our providers have participated in a variety of work-related events including health fairs, workshops and critical incident responses.

You may inquire as an employee or through your Employee Assistance Program to see what is

available to fit your needs. 


Scheduling an Appointment

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with us, please call us at 319-239-3533

Appointments are scheduled for 50 minutes. 

We are not able to provide emergency or 24/7 services. If you are experiencing thoughts of harming  yourself or others, please seek immediate emergency attention by dialing 911.